What is radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy is the use of high-energy radiation to destroy cancer cells. Treatment is safe, non-invasive and painless. Each treatment takes only a few minutes, usually given over a number of days or weeks as an outpatient.

At Nova Healthcare our unique partnership with Leeds Cancer Centre means that we have access to the very latest technology and are able to offer our patients treatment using advanced radiotherapy techniques.

Working with expert clinical oncologists, our team will provide you with the very best care.

Advanced radiotherapy techniques include:

  • Intensity modulated radiation therapy: allows different doses of radiotherapy to be given to different parts of the treatment area. Often used to treat cancers that are located close to important organs or structures
  • Image guided radiotherapy: a precise form of radiotherapy which uses images taken just before treatment to inform the treatment area, ensuring it is focused on the tumour
  • Stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy (SABR): an advanced radiotherapy technique which delivers an ablative and precise dose of radiation to the tumour, over a small number of outpatient treatment sessions. Read more about SABR here.

Radiotherapy at Nova Healthcare

We offer radiotherapy treatments to patients with the following cancers and conditions:

At Nova Healthcare, we strive to ensure that each patient’s radiotherapy treatment is tailored according to your individual needs, planned and managed by your dedicated consultant and given by a highly-trained therapy radiographer who is available to support and guide you through your treatment.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality personalised care to each patient and offer a range of screening and diagnostic procedures at a time convenient to you. Find out more about the care we provide at Nova and our values here.

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