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Specialists in private cancer care

At Nova Healthcare we provide treatment and the highest standards of personalised care to private patients diagnosed with cancer, blood disorders and a range of neurological diseases.

Our private clinic is housed within Leeds Cancer Centre at St James’s University Hospital, which is one of the largest and most advanced specialist cancer centres in Europe, and a leader in research and innovation. We work in close partnership with St James’s University Hospital Institute of Oncology to deliver exceptional cancer care to our patients.


We can provide expert care for patients with the following conditions:

Our approach is simple: to provide first-class independent healthcare in a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment; one in which we would be happy to treat our own families. You can read more about our aims and values here.

Leading technology in the fight against cancer

Nova Healthcare is one of only four centres in the UK able to offer Stereotactic Radiosurgery using Gamma Knife treatment, a highly specialised alternative to traditional brain surgery that gives patients a precise, high dose of radiation to treat complex brain conditions.

Nova Healthcare and the Leeds Gamma Knife Centre offer world-class, gold-standard treatment. As the only centre in the North of England to offer ICON we are able to deliver individualised treatment without compromising precision or accuracy. Our flexible workflow means that we are the only centre in the country offering consecutive daily treatments and the only centre in the North that is commissioned to treat both adults and paediatrics.

Leading centers around the world choose Gamma Knife® for its accuracy and documented outcomes. Find out more here.

A unique collaboration

Through our collaboration with Leeds Cancer Centre at St James’s University Hospital, we ensure that our patients are cared for by world-renowned specialists.

We ensure our patients benefit from:

  • the latest and most innovative technologies and therapies
  • integrated access to the Hospital’s state-of-the-art diagnostic services in both radiology and pathology
  • access to private beds within the Bexley Wing for patients requiring inpatient admission.
  • support from an expert team of nursing staff and allied health professionals who are on hand to provide around-the-clock care.

But we don’t stop at providing the best possible clinical care, as important as that is. We provide holistic care – treatment for your mental and emotional wellbeing as well as your physical condition.

We can refer you, if you wish, to The Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre, which offers a variety of free supportive therapies and services for patients, their family members and carers. We are also able to refer patients to the Maggie’s Centre, which can be found opposite the Bexley Wing next to the multi-storey car park, and which offers information about how treatment will affect you, emotional support and practical advice. It’s also a place to meet other people going through the same thing.

Exceptional healthcare tailored to you

We are committed to giving you the most advanced, personalised cancer treatment and care, whilst working with a team of healthcare professionals, each with their own area of expertise.Find out more about the care we provide at Nova and our values here.

We offer a range of screening and diagnostic procedures at a time convenient to you and the support of clinicians who will be working to ensure you get the care which is right for you.

First we care.  Then we aftercare

Patient satisfaction is our number one priority. (And you can find our fantastic patient satisfaction results here.)  But the only reason we care about these results is because it proves to us that we’re caring for you.  And we understand that the caring doesn’t end just because the treatment might have.  Aftercare means a lot to us and we do all we can to be there for you with support after procedures. We welcome patients back with any concerns and we’ll be always on hand to offer advice.

If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, contact us or call us on 0113 206 7503.

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