Patient Satisfaction

Patient Satisfaction Survey – 2020 (quarter 2)

As a healthcare provider committed to delivering exceptional healthcare, we take great pride in our patient satisfaction results. We’re extremely pleased to regularly receive positive reviews online and also via our patient satisfaction results.

You can find below the results of our latest survey, conducted between April and June of 2020:


We are proud of our outstanding record this quarter:

  • 100% of patients said they would be ‘Likely’ or ‘Extremely likely’ to recommend Nova
  • 100% of patients told us the overall quality of the service was ‘Good’, ‘Very good’ or ‘Excellent’
  • 100% of patients answered ‘Yes, definitely’ when asked if they felt they were treated with dignity and respect
  • 92.5% of patients answered ‘Yes, definitely’ when asked if they were involved as much as they wanted in decisions
  • 100% said the standard of care by their nurse/radiographer was ‘Good, ‘Very good’ or ‘Excellent’
  • 100% said the standard of care by their consultant was ‘Good, ‘Very good’ or ‘Excellent’
  • 100% of patients answered ‘Yes, always’ when asked if they were given enough privacy
  • 100% of patients said their opinion of cleanliness at Nova was ‘Good, ‘Very good’ or ‘Excellent’

Patient Comments

We’re always delighted to be rated highly by patients, but it’s the individual comments about our services and staff that put the biggest smiles on the faces of our team.

Here are a selection of the comments we received about our services in our latest patient satisfaction report (from between April and June 2020):

  • ‘Covid-19 meant I had to do this on my own but the staff made it a priority to put me at ease’

  • ‘Your attention before, during and after treatment was excellent and professional. Your consultant oncologist Dr David Bottomley was a ton of encouragement to me as I did not want to go ahead with the treatment but he put hope in me that all is well, today I am 100% healthy’

  • ‘First class treatment – the radiographers were excellent and all staff were brilliant’

  • ‘Could recommend Mr Flannery and his team to royalty!’

  • ‘My treatment was simply flawless’

  • ‘All staff were professional and polite’

  • ‘Everybody made me feel very safe’


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“My treatment was simply flawless”

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