Gastro-Intestinal Cancer

What are gastro-intestinal cancers?

Gastro-intestinal cancer is the term for the group of cancers that affect the digestive system. This includes the cancers listed in the list below.

  • oesophagus
  • stomach
  • pancreas
  • small intestine
  • bowel
  • rectum
  • biliary system.

Treatment at Nova Healthcare

At Nova, our specialists have many years’ experience in dealing with these types of cancers and take a personalised approach to a patient’s care. Our experts take into account the patient’s fitness, nutritional status and any other pre-existing medical conditions before deciding on treatment.

The treatment of these cancers is commonly managed by the same group of specialist consultants and may include surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

The most appropriate treatment for this type of cancer is influenced by the type, grade and stage of disease.

At Nova Healthcare we offer radiotherapy and chemotherapy for patients with gastro-intestinal cancer.

We are committed to giving you the most advanced, personalised cancer treatment and care, whilst working with a team of healthcare professionals, each with their own area of expertise.

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