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Head and Neck Cancers

Cancer can occur in many of the tissues and organs in the head and neck. There are over 30 areas within the head and neck incuding the mouth, tongue, thyroid, sinus, ear, nose and throat where cancer can develop. These can include:

  • Malignant Brain Tumours
  • Larynx (voice box) or Laryngeal Cancer
  • Nasal & Sinus Cancer
  • Nasopharyngeal Cancer
  • Oral (mouth) Cancer
  • Salivary Gland Cancer
  • Thyroid Cancer

The treatment of these cancers is commonly managed by the same group of specialist consultants. Treatment options will depend on the type, stage and location of the cancer. Small tumours can usually be removed with surgery or treated with highly targeted radiotherapy to shrink and destroy them. However for larger cancers, or cancers that have spread, more than one type of treatment may be required. This could be a combination of surgery, chemotherapy and targeted radiotherapy.

Head and neck cancers are uncommon and require very specialist treatment. At Nova Healthcare our consultants include international head and neck experts and we have access to the latest chemotherapy regimes and radiotherapy technology to treat even the hardest to reach tumours.

Further information about head and neck cancers can be accessed through the Macmillan Cancer Care website or by downloading the booklet here

Consultants specialising in the treatment of head and neck cancers

Dr Mehmet Sen

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

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