Robot-Assisted Prostate Surgery

Nova Healthcare is one of only a few specialist cancer centres in the UK with the facilities and highly-skilled team required to offer this revolutionary procedure.

Performing a type of laparoscopic (keyhole) procedure, the innovative da Vinci robot allows our specialist team to treat prostate cancer by removing the prostate gland with minimally-invasive surgery.

History of the robot-assisted surgery and how it works

Surgeons only started using these machines in 2000. A systematic review in early 2007 found that it was as good at removing the cancer as other types of surgery.

A surgeon does the surgery but uses a special machine (robot) to help.

A camera provides a high-definition, 3D magnified view inside your body. The da Vinci system translates every hand movement your surgeon makes in real time to bend and rotate the instruments with precision. Instead of making a large, open incision, the da Vinci robot allows surgeons to reach the prostate gland through a series of small perforations around the abdomen and, using specially designed instruments, cut away the gland from surrounding tissue.

Robotic prostate cancer surgery using the da Vinci system offers several advantages over traditional surgery:

  • a reduced risk of complications
  • better clinical results
  • less scarring
  • quicker recovery.

Treatment at Nova Healthcare using the robot-assisted surgery

Our team have received specialist training in order to carry out this type of surgery.

It involves two machines, and as outlined above, allows the surgeon to reach the prostate gland through a series of small perforations, instead of making a large, open incision.The camera and instruments are put in through the cuts to do the surgery.

The team are Nova are highly experienced in performing this surgery.

Receiving care at Nova means you will have a dedicated team of experts with you every step of the way, looking after your physical and emotional wellbeing. Find out more about the care we provide at Nova and our values here.

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