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SABR Service at Nova Healthcare

Nova Healthcare is a provider of cancer services to private patients, based at St James’s Institute of Oncology in Leeds. We are pleased to be able to announce the launch of a new, private radiotherapy service for the treatment of lung metastases – Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy (SABR).

SABR is a non-invasive, advanced radiotherapy technique that delivers an ablative dose of radiation over a small number of outpatient treatment sessions (typically 3 – 8), with the aim of improving tumour control and reducing side effects to other tissues.

Leeds was the first Centre in the UK to treat primary lung cancer patients with SABR for early stage lung cancer in 2009 and will be treating the 1000th SABR patient this month. Throughout this time, the Leeds SABR team has continued to develop the treatment technique, using the latest advances in technology to achieve world firsts such as the delivery of SABR treatments with Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT), and the clinical introduction of high-dose-rate ‘Flattening Filter Free’ technology.

SABR is widely used for the treatment of lung metastases in North America, Europe and Asia with proven high rates of local tumour control (>90%) and typically very low rates of side effects. In the UK, SABR is now being used to treat patients with oligometastatic disease; SABR can be used to treat 1-3 lung metastases in patients who have a good prognosis from their primary cancer.

The service is led by Dr Kevin Franks and Dr Peter Dickinson, Consultant Clinical Oncologists at the St James’s Institute of Oncology.

Dr Kevin Franks is one of the leading SABR clinicians in the UK, having completed a SABR Research Fellowship at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto prior to his appointment as a consultant in Leeds. He was a founding member of the UK SABR consortium and is currently a member of the UK SABR consortium executive and the NCRI radiotherapy group, CTRAD. He is the chief investigator for the SABRtooth trial, and a co-investigator on the SABR CORE and SARON trials.

Dr Peter Dickinson is a key member of the Leeds Lung SABR team and will be leading the Leeds Lung Oligometastatic SABR programme. He completed a technical radiotherapy research fellowship at the Christie Hospital in Manchester prior to his consultant post in Leeds.


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For further information, or to refer a private patient for SABR please contact Nova Healthcare on 0113 206 7830 or contact@novahealthcare.co.uk

Consultants specialising in the treatment of sabr service at nova healthcare

Dr Kevin Franks

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Peter Dickinson

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

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