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Metastatic Disease

All cancers originate at a single point in the body. Cancer cells can break away from the primary tumour and spread to form tumours in other parts of the body. Cancer that has spread to other organs or lymph nodes away from the primary tumour is called metastatic disease or secondary cancer.

Your consultant will be able to offer guidance as to the most appropriate treatment for metastatic disease. Choice of treatment is dependent on many factors, from the type of primary cancer and the size and location of the tumour to the age and general health of the patient. In some cases the site of the primary tumour may not even be obvious and the only evidence of the cancer is the presence of metastatic disease.

Nova Healthcare is a leading centre for the treatment of early-stage metastatic disease and in addition to chemotherapy and radiotherapy,

Both treatments are non-invasive and work by delivering high doses of intensely focused radiation to the metastasis.

Consultants specialising in the treatment of metastatic disease

Dr Peter Dickinson

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Dr Michael Flatley

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

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