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Cancer treatment can be an emotional and challenging time and there have been several studies outlining that the sense of losing privacy and dignity is among the significant challenges patients face.

Other issues reported by patients include a loss of identity during treatment, feeling like ‘one of a number’, and body-image worries due to the side effects of aggressive cancer treatment, such as hair loss or surgical changes to the body.

At Nova we aim to provide the very best care, and have sought to address concerns around dignity and privacy. One way we have done this is to incorporate the new ‘Radiant Wrap’ hospital gown for breast cancer patients:

Bespoke gowns for breast cancer patients

At Nova, we provide breast cancer patients with bespoke hospital gowns, which have been found to improve patients’ privacy and dignity compared to  standard hospital gowns.

The new ‘Radiant Wrap’ treatment gown:

  • is created with a soft touch material, which is more comfortable and kinder to skin which may be sensitive due to radiotherapy skin reaction
  • gives patients a sense of dignity and privacy as they only require patients to slip one arm out during treatment, as opposed to lowering the entire standard hospital gown and exposing the chest
  • come in different sizes so can fit patients securely
  • are easier to tie and secure – standard hospital gowns were challenging for patients with chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (causing numb, sometimes painful fingers).
  • can be personalised and come in a multitude of colours and patterns

The new gown was designed by a patient who underwent cancer treatment and found the standard hospital gown to be ill-fitting and uncomfortable.

Trials of the gowns proved so popular we now give them as a gift to patients at the start of their journey and they are worn for the duration of their treatment, ensuring they can be worn for any future follow up appointments and examinations.

Always improving our service to patients:

We’re constantly looking at ways to improve our service for patients.

On the back of the success of the Radiant Wraps gowns, we now also provide:

  • branded paper bags for patients to carry sensitive items out of consultations, such as microenemas or vaginal dilators which they may not want to carry out into a busy waiting area
  • personalised water bottles to regulate the amount of fluid that is taken if a full bladder is required. This also reduces our carbon footprint through a reduction in plastic waste
  • gifts for patients who are celebrating treatment completion.

At Nova we go above and beyond not only to provide high quality clinical care, but also to understand the emotional challenges our patients might be going through.

We identify issues and challenges that patients face, and we work hard to improve elements of care, or the way we work as a team, to ensure our patients have the best possible experience during such a challenging time.

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