Prostate Cancer

About prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men with 40,000 new cases diagnosed every year.

The causes of prostate cancer are largely unknown but certain things can increase your risk of developing the condition. The chances of developing prostate cancer increase as you get older – most cases develop in men aged 50 or older.

For reasons not yet understood, prostate cancer is more common in men of African-Caribbean or African descent, and less common in Asian men. Recent research also suggests that obesity increases the risk of prostate cancer.

Common cancer symptoms can include:

  • passing urine more frequently than usual, especially at night
  • needing to rush to the toilet to pass urine
  • the feeling of not completely emptying your bladder
  • straining or taking a long time while urinating.

Specialist treatment options at Nova Healthcare

It can be a frightening prospect to be told you have prostate cancer, but at Nova Healthcare we’re with you every step of the way.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality personalised care to each patient.

Treatment options for prostate cancer are vast. The most appropriate treatment will depend upon the type, grade and stage of cancer as well as your individual circumstances.

Our world-renowned team of consultants adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to treatment and are able to offer patients a range of innovative treatment options for prostate cancer including chemotherapy, targeted and hormonal therapies, brachytherapy, radiotherapy and robot-assisted prostate surgery.

Find out more about the comprehensive and pioneering care we offer to patients with prostate cancer:

We are committed to giving you the most advanced, personalised cancer treatment and care.

Find out more about the care we provide at Nova and our values here.

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