How to access Gamma Knife Treatment

All patients that require treatment at The Leeds Gamma Knife Centre must be referred to one of our consultants.

All referrals must be discussed at an MDT (Multi Disciplinary Team) meeting and must be approved as appropriate for treatment.

The initial referral letter should provide the following information:

  • Patient demographic and contact information
  • Diagnosis
  • History of condition, including all symptoms
  • MRI or recent imaging
  • Details of any other recent investigations
  • Details of any previous treatments for the condition
  • Medication and allergies
  • Details of other consultants or clinicians involved in delivery of care to the patient
  • Co-morbidity information
  • Performance status

Once your referral has been discussed and approved by the MDT, you will be contacted by a member of the gamma knife team to arrange your appointment with a consultant who will discuss the next steps with you and set up a treatment date.

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