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Targeted Treatments

Targeted treatments or biological therapies are a group of drugs which are used to treat cancer. These drugs are different to chemotherapy and work by disrupting the way in which cancer cells grow and divide. There are several types of targeted treatment available to you as a patient of Nova Healthcare, most commonly:

  • Angiogenesis Inhibitors prevent cancers from making new blood vessels. Without new blood vessels, the cancer cannot grow
  • Cancer Growth Inhibitors block certain chemical signals within cells, which slows down or stops the growth of the cancer
  • Monoclonal Antibodies attach themselves to specific proteins on the surface of cancer cells to prevent them from growing

The type of treatment you will receive at Nova Healthcare will depend on many things, but most importantly the type of cancer you have and where in your body it started.

Consultants specialising in the treatment of targeted treatments

Dr Mehmet Sen

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

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