Meet the team at Leeds Gamma Knife Centre

We have a fantastic team at The Leeds Gamma Knife Centre who will be involved with your treatment from initial consultation through to discharge.

Working collaboratively with colleagues from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, we deliver gold-standard treatment using the Leksell Gamma Knife® Icon™ currently the most precise radiosurgery device available.

Gamma Knife Manager – Kate Casey

​Kate has led the Gamma Knife team at The Leeds Gamma Knife Centre since 2010, overseeing treatment to more than 1,500 patients.  Kate is involved from the very first point of referral and works with the consultants and radiographers to ensure that each patient receives a world-class standard of treatment.


Consultant Team – Paul Hatfield, Nick Phillips, Stuart Ross and Tom Flannery

We work with a team of consultants comprising of neurosurgeons and clinical oncologists, who are all experts in their field and have undergone training to treat patients on the Gamma Knife® Icon™.  The consultant will work with the Gamma Knife Manager to plan and deliver patient treatment.


Lead Radiographer – Candice Martin

Candice is highly trained in the delivery of Gamma Knife treatment.  She joined the team at The Leeds Gamma Knife Centre in September 2017 after working in the radiotherapy department at Leeds Cancer Centre for six years.


Radiographer Team – Sarah, Peter, Megan, Katherine, Rachel, Vash, Holly and Megan

Our radiographer team join us as part of our collaboration with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.  Sarah and Peter head the team with other radiographers joining us on a rolling rotation scheme. This enables them the opportunity to train on the Gamma Knife® Icon™ allowing us to deliver a flexible and responsive service.


Customer Services Assistant – Patricia Stansfield

Patricia joined the team in August 2017 and provides essential support to the Gamma Knife team on treatment days. Patricia greets everyone on arrival and looks after patients and their families and friends when they are on the unit awaiting treatment. Nothing is too much trouble for Patricia and she makes sure that everyone feels comfortable and well looked after while they are with us.


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