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What to expect on your treatment day (frame-based treatment)

Your treatment at Leeds Gamma Knife Centre will be done as a day case and you will be able to go home at the end of your treatment.

We will ask you to come in very early (at around 6.45am) but this will mean we have enough time for all of your scans, the planning of your treatment and the treatment delivery without the need for an overnight stay. Please eat a light breakfast before you come in.

When you arrive

When you arrive at The Leeds Gamma Knife Centre in Nova Healthcare, you will be greeted by the Gamma Knife Manager or the team of radiographers who will be with you throughout your day. You will be allocated a private waiting area for the duration of your stay for you and anyone attending with you. All of patient areas have a TV or DVD player and free WiFi. Complimentary drinks are available and lunch will be provided. 

You will have a canula inserted so that contrast can be given prior to your MRI scan. You will be offered a sedative to help you relax and given any other necessary medications. The Gamma Knife frame will be fitted by your consultant. It is attached to your head by four pins – two at the front of your head and two at the back. You will be given local anaesthetic to numb these areas before the procedure. We will not need to shave any of your hair to position these pins.

Your MRI scan and planning

Once your frame is fitted, you will be taken down to the MRI department and your scan will be carried out. Your head will be in a fixed position so that you are completely still. Your consultant will use the result of your MRI scan to plan your Gamma Knife treatment – because the scan is done on the day, your consultant will be able to tailor your treatment to take into account any changes that have occurred since your initial consultation. 

Once the treatment has been planned, this plan is then safety checked by our specialist team.

Your treatment

Due to the complexity of treatment planning and checking, this can often take a significant period of time. We will keep you informed as to an approximate time for the start of your treatment and how long treatment delivery will take. During this time, you will be able to relax. Your frame will have to remain on until your treatment has been completed.

The Gamma Knife treatment is completely noise and pain free. You will be able to listen to music if you wish – we have a large music library for you to choose from or you can bring your own. During the treatment, the frame is securely attached to the treatment bed. The bed will glide gently into the Gamma Knife machine, you can then relax and might even find that you fall asleep! The radiographers will be overseeing your treatment and you are able to communicate with them as you wish.

Once your treatment is complete your frame will be carefully removed by the Gamma Knife team.

Discharge & Follow Up

Post treatment, a member of the Gamma Knife team will discharge you with an advice sheet, emergency contact details and any medication you may require. We will contact you by telephone a couple of days after your treatment to see how you are feeling.

Your consultant will arrange a follow-up scan and clinic appointment.

Consultants specialising in the treatment of what to expect on your treatment day (frame-based treatment)

Dr Paul Hatfield

Consultant Clinical Oncologist

Mr Nick Phillips

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Mr Tom Flannery

Consultant Neurosurgeon

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