Nova Healthcare Invests £1m in Gamma Knife Icon Technology

Nova Healthcare, working in partnership with Leeds Cancer Centre, which is part of Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, has invested over £1m in world leading technology to enhance the treatment of brain tumours, secondary brain metastases and other neurological disorders.

Gamma Knife treatment has been available in Leeds for over seven years and is a form of radiation therapy which enables treatment to virtually any target in the brain with ultra-high precision.

The existing system has been enhanced by the addition of the Icon platform and Leeds is now one of only a few centres in the world to offer this very latest and innovative technology to both NHS and private patients.

The Gamma Knife Icon system has a number of benefits over traditional forms of radiosurgery, ensuring more accurate and precise treatment delivery, which minimises the risk to surrounding healthy tissue and critical brain structures. It is a non-invasive procedure which is usually carried out on a single day and avoids the need for open surgery, a hospital stay and potentially lengthy rehabilitation.

Dr Paul Hatfield, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust says:

“Investment in the Gamma Knife Icon system is an exciting development for Leeds Cancer Centre. This new technology allows high doses of radiation to be delivered over a short period of time (typically 3-5 days) and for us to treat larger tumours with even greater accuracy through use of an integrated imaging system and motion sensors. This approach reduces the risk of damage to organs and tissues that are close to the treated targets.”

Date: 30/08/2016
By: technical