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Funding Your Care

At Nova Healthcare and The Leeds Gamma Knife Centre, we welcome all private patients, whether you have health insurance that will cover your treatment, or if you wish to pay for your treatment yourself.

At your first appointment you’ll need to declare whether you intend to pay for your treatment yourself or provide us with your insurance details, and we’ll work with your insurers to pre-authorise any treatment on your behalf.

Every single cancer patient is different and we tailor each individual treatment plan to the precise needs of the patient. This allows us to offer the best treatment possible for each person. The variety of treatments on offer and the different needs of each patient mean that it is difficult to provide an estimate of cost until a treatment plan has been drawn up by your consultant.

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Self-Pay Patients

If you are paying for your treatment yourself you will be asked either to pay in full at the start of your treatment, or a deposit followed by an invoice at an agreed time (usually at the end of your treatment). Once your treatment plan has been arranged, we are able to provide package prices for radiotherapy treatment.  Estimated costs for chemotherapy, daycare and consumables can also be provided.

Insured Patients

If you are paying with private medical insurance, it is essential you contact your insurer to confirm they will cover the costs of any treatment. You must do this before you have a consultation, investigation, any diagnostic imaging or surgery. Once you have authorisation, your insurer will issue you with an authorisation number or claim form, which you must bring with you when you come into Nova Healthcare for your appointment.

We can arrange direct settlement of bills with most insurance companies. In the event that it is not possible for us to do this or you do not have proof of authorisation from your insurance company, we will ask you to settle your account personally and then you will have to seek reimbursement from your insurer.

Please note that you must also bring your Membership number which may also be called a policy number or a plan number when attending any appointments.

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